New Zealand offers fjords and vineyards and Australia offers exciting animals, magnificent rainforests and beautiful cities. I have never met anyone who has traveled to Australia or New Zealand who does not wish to have the opportunity to travel back again.


Shell beach white beach in Shark Bay
Western Australia

Western Australia - A little film

Time to sum up our driving holiday in Western Australia from Perth to Monkey Mia - this time in a little film.


Fraser Island – the world's largest sand island

Fraser Island in Queensland is a national park, a world heritage site and the world's largest sand island. Although the island consists of sand, there are also rainforests, freshwater lakes and a rich wildlife including dingos.

Western Australia

Shark Bay – The marine wonder of the Coral Coast in Australia

85 miles north of Perth lies one of the world's marine wonders. Surrounded by deserts, far from large cities and with large meadows of seaweed below the surface. Shark Bay provides unique conditions for everything from sharks, whales and dolphins to dugongs and stromatolites.

Driving - Australia

Driving a car in Australia - How to do it?

Australia is the dream destination that has everything for a great driving holiday. But what do you need to consider when driving in Australia? Here are my best tips for a carefree road trip Down Under!

Western Australia

Yanchep National Park – among caves and black cockatoos

45 minutes north of Perth in Western Australia is Yanchep National Park, an important wetland area for the area's birds and with several limestone caves with unique wildlife. We have visited the Crystal Cave and hiked around Loch McNess.

Eva in Kalbarri
Western Australia

Back home from an adventure in Western Australia (and Bali)!

After almost a month on the road, we are now back home! This year's adventure was a road trip among national parks and nature in Western Australia, which ended with lazy days in Bali. So what was the best, worst and how was the weather? And most importantly - did I find a new mug?


Volcanic lake in Crater Lakes National Park

A giant volcanic explosion created what are today the lakes of Crater Lakes National Park in Queensland. We went here to hike and (hopefully) see the occasional Australian bush hen.

Melbourne and Yarra

Melbourne Attractions - My 10 Favorites

Melbourne has become one of our favorite cities. There is so much wonderful to see and do here, but if I were to choose a few favorites, it would be these ten!

Melbourne street art

Street art in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the world's hottest cities for street art. Colorful, changing and innovative – this is simply the art of life.


Chillagoe. Inhabitants: 192

Chillagoe was never our destination on the road trip. We just happened to pass by on our way to a national park. An ordinary day in the outback in Queensland in northern Australia.

Manly - Australia
New South Wales

Waiting for the wave in Manly

Winter winds and waves. If this had been anywhere other than Australia, I would have been wearing a down jacket. But not in Manly, one of the world's most famous surfing spots.


Bird watching at Mareeba wetlands | Queensland

Mareeba Wetlands in Queensland is located in the middle of the dry outback, but offers a diversity of exotic birds. We met lots of animals - both on the lake, on land and in the toilet...


The road to Cape Tribulation in Queensland

The road to Cape Tribulation in northeastern Australia offers the world's oldest rainforest and pristine beaches. And also some crocodiles and snakes.

Sydney Bridge
New South Wales

Sights in Sydney - My 10 favourites

Australia's largest city, Sydney, has some world-famous sights that you just have to experience, but the biggest benefit you get is just hanging out in this lovely city.


Undara - Adventure in the Australian outback

The dark red termite mounds along our path get bigger and bigger the further from the coast we go. Just when I think we've reached the end of the world, we suddenly pass a house. Someone lives out here. Far from everything. We are heading towards the lava tunnels of Undara National Park, in the northern Queensland outback.

New Zealand

New Zealand - The South Island's coolest sights and nature

New Zealand's South Island is a perfect mix of the world's most beautiful nature and attractions gathered on a single small island. Here are my top ten nature experiences from our road trip around the island - both on land and at sea.

Tolga Bat Hospital - Queensland - Australia

The orphaned babies at Tolga Bat Hospital

A visit to the Tolga Bat Hospital in Queensland, Australia changes any preconceived notions you might have about bats. If you think all bats are scary vampires, then you definitely need to come here for a visit!


Great Ocean Road - a little film

A film from our road trip on one of the world's most beautiful roads - the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.


Photo album from the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 200 miles along the north Queensland coast. Crowded, exuberant and exciting – the eighth wonder of the world has everything for the perfect holiday.

New Zealand

Wineries in Marlborough - Travel diary New Zealand day 9

Christmas morning! Now it's Christmas for real here in New Zealand! Nothing special planned today for once, quite nice actually! The only thing we had booked was the hotel in the town of Blenheim in Marlborough, which is no more than 2 hours drive from Nelson.


Travel to Australia with children

"It's so far away" and "There are so many dangerous animals" are comments we often hear when we talk about our travels. But what is it really like to travel with children to Australia?

New Zealand

Abel Tasman National Park – Travel diary New Zealand day 8

Day 8 of our road trip on New Zealand's South Island. Christmas Eve in Abel Tasman National Park! Abel Tasman is New Zealand's smallest national park, but here you will find vast coastal areas with golden beaches, cliffs, forested mountains and wetlands.

New Zealand

Hokitika and Punakaiki – Travel diary New Zealand day 7

Early rise, as today we had a long day's drive ahead of us, more precisely 45 miles after New Zealand's west coast. The weather, which did not show its best side in Franz Josef, today offered brilliant sunshine and we finally caught a glimpse of the beautiful, white mountain massif that had been lurking behind the fog all along. We heard the helicopters in the distance, it almost sounded like they were laughing at us... But but, time to go.

New Zealand

Franz Josef National Park – Travel diary New Zealand day 6

Woke up at Scenic hotel in Franz Josef and had continental breakfast at the hotel. Unusually affordable breakfast, so we couldn't bear to go out into the village and look for another place. As we were up quite early, it was almost just us and a busload of British pensioners who were to be bussed around the North and South Island for a month. The bus tourists were quite quick to clear the buffet, so we had to eat a little faster than usual. Maybe lucky, we are very slow on our breakfasts usually…


The world's best whale watching - here are the whales!

One of the best things we know when we travel is to have the opportunity to meet wild animals and especially we love to see whales! Humpback whales, sperm whales, beluga whales, killer whales, herring whales, dolphins - now only blue whales are left to see on our list! To see whales, you need both the right season, the right weather and a great deal of luck. Here are our 4 favorite places to meet the giants of the sea.

Breakfast at Crown Metropol

Photo album from Melbourne

(17 photos) Hip, lovely, hot, absolutely wonderful Melbourne! So much good food, so many outdoor seating, so much beautiful street art! Here in Melbourne, the restaurants display gluten-free menus and the coffee gets soy or almond milk out of the blue. You can always fix a children's portion and if you get tired of city life, the beach is just a tram ride away.

New Zealand
New Zealand

Mount Aspiring National Park – Travel diary New Zealand day 4

Time to leave the warmth of Lake Wanaka and drive up the west coast to Fox Glacier. The day started in a minor camera disaster, but with an incredible amount of luck and a crazy idea, the disaster was avoided. However, we got away a little later from Wanaka than planned and a little poorer.

Shotover River
New Zealand

Arrowtown - Travel diary New Zealand day 3

Not as early riser as the day before, getting up at 7 a.m. felt almost like sleeping in the morning. After a long day yesterday, we all slept very soundly last night. Headed towards the center of Te Anau, where we had found a breakfast place that was well rated by many guests. Wasn't exactly easy to find, but after three laps around the minimal center of the village, we finally saw the sign - Sandfly Cafe.

New Zealand

Queenstown - Travel diary New Zealand day 1

I've always loved looking out the airplane window. Through the airplane window, you visit places you may never go and see views you can never see from the ground. The approach to Queenstown on New Zealand's South Island will most certainly end up at the top of my very personal top-10 approach list.

New South Wales

Sydney with children - top 5 attractions

Australia's largest city Sydney has lots of attractions and things to do with children, no wonder the whole family enjoys it here! Here are our favorites!


New Zealand - Lift or Diss?

Having just returned from a road trip on New Zealand's South Island, I thought I'd sum up my thoughts in a classic hi-diss list. Is there really anything to do in New Zealand you might be thinking?