Central Portugal

In central Portugal, around the cliffs of the Atlantic coast, the wild sea meets Europe in full force. Surf some of the world's highest waves in Nazaré, visit whitewashed houses in Obidós or visit the striped houses of Costa Nova. Here it is close between the sights!


Central Portugal

Monsanto – the city under the boulders

Monsanto could have been any small mountain village, but you can already tell as you approach the village that this is something unique. Monsanto is a stone city - built in, over and under large round stone mounds.

Central Portugal

The striped houses of Costa Nova | Portugal

The small fishing village of Costa Nova outside Aveiro offers one of Portugal's real gems – the polka-dotted houses in all the colors of the rainbow.

Curia Palace
Central Portugal

Curia Palace – A castle night in the spirit of the Great Gatsby

There are places that take you back in history. Time bubbles that no one dares to puncture, where everything just continues to live its historical little life. This is a story about how we inadvertently went on a trip back to the 1920s. Complete with a cooking lesson that could have been created by the History Eaters.

A lunch in Nazare - Portugal

Stared during a lunch at Taberna D'Adelia in Nazaré

We had read about a Michelin recommended restaurant in Nazaré – Taberna D'Adelia – where they would serve really good fish. It was only about 12 o'clock, so we took a chance and went there without a reservation. The Portuguese shouldn't be hungry yet, should they?

Conimbriga - Portugal
Central Portugal

Conimbriga – In the footsteps of the Romans in Portugal

We stand on an almost 2000-year-old street in Conimbriga and look out over the ruins of a city. Shops, baths, a forum and an amphitheatre. Conimbriga tells the story of how people lived two thousand years ago.

Obidos in Portugal
Central Portugal

Óbidos – Portugal's White City

There really is something extra charming about cities that violate the Swedish "just right". Óbidos is a city that absolutely seethes with color. This is Portugal's answer to the picturesque and whitewashed Santorini, but with its very own ring wall and a castle that sets the village's silhouette.

Evolutee Royal Óbidos Hotel - Portugal
Central Portugal

Evolutee Royal Óbidos Hotel – Portugal

Our second hotel in Portugal turned out to be a really good choice, with an incredibly beautiful mosaic pool and a breakfast that I wished would never end…