During the trip – Travel tips

How do I fly on a long-haul flight with children? How do I manage to bargain so that I don't feel cheated? There is also much else that can happen during a trip. You may get sick, the car may break down or the hotel may not meet expectations. Here comes a little help along the way!


Driving - Australia

Driving a car in Australia - How to do it?

Australia is the dream destination that has everything for a great driving holiday. But what do you need to consider when driving in Australia? Here are my best tips for a carefree road trip Down Under!

Car in Italy - Tuscany

Driving a car in Italy - How to do it?

Are you going to drive in Italy? What might be good to know before you hit the road? Here are my tips on things to keep in mind when driving in Italy - everything about tolls, road signs, parking and renting a car!

During the trip - Travel tips

How to Haggle Like a Pro

Over the years I have traveled through many countries where haggling is part of the culture. So what do I do then? Here are my 10 best tips for a successful purchase at the right price!

Cactus in New Mexico
During the trip - Travel tips

Sick on the trip - this is how you do it!

There is nothing as bad as getting sick while traveling. What do you do when bad luck strikes? Here are our tips if you happen to get sick abroad.

During the trip - Travel tips

Is it possible to make leave feel longer?

We've probably all thought the thought at some point. How could the holidays go by so fast? Is there a universal trick that makes the feeling stick around longer? The answer is YES.

During the trip - Travel tips

Can you avoid jet lag?

The phenomenon of jet lag is difficult to understand before you sit like a clubbed seal and sleep with your nose in the pancake on the other side of the globe. Here are our four best tips to avoid suffering.

During the trip - Travel tips

Ten mistakes even a smart traveler can make

There are several pitfalls you can fall into as a traveler, all of which are easy to avoid - but oh so easy to miss. Here is a practical list to check off before departure.