Packing and packing lists

Of course, most of the things you forgot to pack can be bought when you get there, but it usually costs more than it tastes like. Here are all my packing tips and packing lists - regardless of whether you are going on a luxurious weekend or on a longer trip across several climate zones.


Packing and packing lists

Travel pharmacy - How to pack for the trip

If you get sick on the trip, it's good to have a travel pharmacy with you. Here you will find a checklist - regardless of destination and age!

Packing and packing lists

What uses Rucksack for backpacks?

There are two backpacks that I usually take with me on my travels. A chic city backpack and a backpack for camera equipment. So here goes my best-in-test for travel daypacks!

Hike with the family in the Dolomites
Book & plan

Plan a hiking trip

Going on a hiking trip requires a little planning! Here are my best tips in a practical little list, focusing on what you need to do day hikes.

Packing and packing lists

Travel with hand luggage only - up to proof!

I have previously written about how to travel on a weekend trip with only carry-on luggage. But how good am I at packing really? Am I keeping my own advice? It's up to the evidence!

Berlin - Brandenburg Gate
Packing and packing lists

Packing list for a weekend trip with hand luggage only

The penultimate step in booking your plane tickets is often the question of how many checked bags you want. But do you really need a checked bag? Here comes the minimal packing list for the weekend traveler!