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Before a trip, there is a lot to be booked and planned, especially if you are going on a driving holiday. Here you will find tips on how to keep costs down when you travel, how to choose the right hotel and what you should not forget to fix at home before you get on the plane.



When everything is to be cancelled

What happens when a trip has to be canceled due to the corona crisis? We have now (largely) canceled our entire Greece trip. It turned out to be both simple and extremely complicated...

The Surin - Phuket
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What do hotel stars really mean?

Are you wondering what the hotel stars actually mean? How can it differ so much between different hotels? The answer turned out to be both quite simple and quite difficult.

Hike with the family in the Dolomites
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Plan a hiking trip

Going on a hiking trip requires a little planning! Here are my best tips in a practical little list, focusing on what you need to do day hikes.

Bangkok air

Fly with Bangkok Airways

What is it really like to fly with Bangkok Airways? We have tested one of their international routes between Bangkok and Da Nang!

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How to find the perfect guidebook?

Having trouble deciding which travel guide to buy? Here are the guidebooks that I usually take with me on the trip!

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Plan a driving holiday - 5 tips on the road

There is no holiday as full of experiences and freedom as a driving holiday! Here you will get lots of tips on how to plan your very own road adventure.

The Surin, Phuket
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10 tips for booking cheaper trips

Through good planning and some research, you can actually travel far, luxuriously and cheaply. Does that sound like an impossible equation? Here are my 10 tips for cheaper travel.

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Are you flying with a safe airline?

It can be easy to stare blindly at the flight price when booking a holiday. Saving a few thousand Swedish kroner per person can turn out to be quite a lot of money. But how much do you actually check the airline's safety and finances before you press the "book" button?