Children's party in Stockholm

What will you come up with this year at the children's party? Let someone else fix it for you!

The children's party packages usually include an hour of activity and then food+cake/ice cream and a room to eat in. Note that some places have a minimum number of children.

Bowling party

Bowling parties are fun even for those who have never bowled before! When the children bowl, you can fold up the "bumpers" fence that prevents the ball from going down the chutes on the side of the bowling lane. Often it is also a disco party, which increases the plus points.
New Bowl Center (Golden March Plan)


There are plenty of playgrounds around Stockholm! One of the most popular is LekoBus, which is suitable for younger school-aged children.
LekoBus (Nacka Beach)
Leo's Playland (several places in Stockholm)


At home with Kaj (Hammarby Sjöstad) has the best place for a real disco party with a popcorn machine, pizza, chocolate fountain and smoke machine! Parents are offered a glass of cava.

Baking and crafting

Crafts at parties are best suited for school-aged children and in smaller groups.
The Creativity House (Kungsholmen) – Paint porcelain


The vast majority of children love to climb! So why not a climbing party with an instructor? Check if there is room for coffee - otherwise you can book at a nearby cafe or have a picnic.
Klätterverket (Scrape)
Carbine (Västberga)

Laser Dome

For girls and boys who are too big for playland with balls (7 years+), laserdome is a playland for both adults and children. There are also often "prisoners at the fort" parties for children over 10 years of age. Food and play for about 1,5 hours.
Laser Fort (Norrmalm)
Laser Dome (Norrmalm)

Knowledge and fun in one package!

Many museums in Stockholm organize parties with exciting displays and good food from their restaurants. However, it may be good to bear in mind that it is often not possible to book parties during high season (holidays and long weekends) and that the times are often outside regular opening hours. Not cheap, but with high quality content!
Skansen (Djurgården)
Junibacken (Djurgården) - Theater
The life rust chamber (Gamla Stan) – Princess/prince party at the castle
Technical Museum (Gärdet) – Make your own news program
The National Museum of Natural History (University) – Dinosaur party

For slightly bigger adventurers

There are of course alternatives that are slightly more expensive than the above party. This applies to parties with engines involved. But oh so fun!
Go-kart Stockholm (Hammarby Sjöstad)

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