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Azenhas Do Mar – the village on the edge of the cliff

High on a steep cliff sits a collection of white houses with red roofs, looking out over the great waves rolling in from the Atlantic. Some houses are so close to the edge that I don't really understand how anyone dares to live here. The big earthquake in Lisbon doesn't seem to have scared anyone here.

Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal

Azenhas do Mar offers one of Portugal's most delicious beaches and even if it really itches the bathing nerve, I only need to look down at the empty beach to realize that this beach is not for me. If even the sober Portuguese are only dipping their calves in the waves, that probably means the temperature is not in my range of "bathtub hot". Rather within the temperature range "snoring cold" to "goosebumps".

Azenhas do Mar - Portugal

Down by the beach, however, there is a slightly more "light" option for those who want to swim. The pool with sea water. During big waves the sea washes into the pool, but on a calm day like this there is actually a chance for the sun to heat up the pool water.

The sun worshipers have spread out their blankets on the concrete jetty and some children are running alone on the beach. This is a long way from the sardine beaches of the Mediterranean.

Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal

The white houses have varying degrees of cracked facades and tiles, but the white overall is beautifully uniform. I can't help but wonder if there are written laws governing the color of the houses in the village, or if it is historical peer pressure? In any case, I wouldn't dare paint my house pink in this city...

Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal

The cliff edges are overgrown with hardy flowers that are not significantly affected by the wind. A sheer little daisy has nothing to do here. Here you need a little skin on your nose to keep up with the tough plants.

I walk a little way down the stairs towards the beach and enjoy the salty breezes of the sea. Portugal continues to surprise me every day with something new and unique. This can't be anything other than a truly wonderful vacation!

Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal

How do I get to Azenhas do Mar?

Azenhas do Mar is 3 miles from Lisbon and 1 mile northwest of Sintra. We went here by car, it is possible to go here by car tram to the nearby Praia das Macas beach or catch bus 440 at the bus station in Sintra.

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Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal
Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal
Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal
Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal
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  • Maria's Memoirs
    7 September, 2018 at 10: 36

    so what a lovely place! Portugal is a country I am considering traveling to next year 🙂

    • Eve on rucksack.see
      9 September, 2018 at 21: 10

      We were so incredibly pleasantly surprised by Portugal, so much to see and do and what views! I would love to go back here again, I feel like I've only scratched the surface 🙂

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