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Travel blogger, gastronaut, photographer and family adventurer with over 55 countries in his luggage. Eva loves trips that include beautiful nature, hiking boots and well-cooked food. On the travel blog Rucksack she takes you to all corners of the world with the help of her inspiring pictures and texts.

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Travel diary New Zealand day 5 – Fox Glacier and glow worms

Diary from our trip around New Zealand – Day 5

New Zealand
Mount Aspiring National Park – Travel diary New Zealand day 4

Diary from our trip around New Zealand – Day 4

Shotover River
Arrowtown - Travel diary New Zealand day 3

Diary from our trip around New Zealand – Day 3

Milford Sound
Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound - Travel diary New Zealand day 2

Diary from our trip around New Zealand – Day 2

Queenstown - Travel diary New Zealand day 1

I've always loved looking out the airplane window. Through the airplane window, you visit places you may never go and see views you can never see from the ground. The approach to Queenstown on New Zealand's South Island will most certainly end up at the top of my very personal top-10 approach list.

Sydney with kids - Top 5 attractions - Australia

Australia's largest city Sydney has lots of attractions and things to do with children, no wonder the whole family enjoys it here! Here are our favorites!

Tips for your trip to New Zealand

Having just returned from a road trip on New Zealand's South Island, I thought I would sum up my thoughts in…

Everglades bird
Photo album from Everglades National Park – Florida

Everglades National Park is America's largest subtropical wilderness, with lots of exciting animals and experiences in the swamps.

Travel to France with children - 7 tips for a wonderful holiday

Are you traveling to France with children? There are things to think about here, regardless of whether you drive a car or go on a big city weekend

Photo album from Corsica - Mountainous and proud Mediterranean pearl - France

Corsica is a mountainous, beautiful and proud island that invites many photo opportunities. Here is a selection of my photos.

Our 7 favorite neighborhoods in Paris – France

Paris has many lovely neighborhoods to stroll around and discover. Here are my 7 favorites.

Train hopping in Japan - How does it work?

Traveling by train in Japan can be a breeze some days and endlessly difficult other days. Here are tips on how to plan your train trip, with everything from customs and traditions to accommodation and food.

How to avoid jet lag?

Can you avoid jet lag on long trips? Here are our four best tips to avoid the pain!

Packing list for traveling with children

Are you traveling with a child or baby? Here is our packing list that we reuse every trip!

10 mistakes on the trip even a smart traveler can make - tips on the trip

There are several mistakes you can make as a traveler, all of which are easy to avoid. Here is a practical list of ten tips to check off before departure.

Recipe: Gyoza

This is our favorite Gyoza recipe, don't forget the dip - that's half the fun!