Tips for when to go to Germany

As a Swedish tourist, it's easy to skimp on driving holidays to Germany, but how easy is it to be a tourist in Germany? Here are 5 things you need to think about before you hit the German roads.

Credit card

Don't count on that something place except the hotel takes credit card. Not even gas stations, museums or zoos. In Germany, cash or reloadable cash cards are accepted, so bring more than you thought! If you need to withdraw money on the spot, you will find ATMs inside the bank offices.

Queuing on the autobahn

Don't expect traffic to flow on the Autobahn. There are usually queues - especially near larger cities. Use Google maps if you have the opportunity, so you always have information about when/where/how there are queues and you can re-plan your route well in advance. If you are going with a ferry or have to fit an appointment - take in plenty of margins.


Are you a vegetarian? Then you will have a hard time. A salad basically always means just a plate of green salad (and meat) and all other vegetables are cooked beyond recognition. Learn to distinguish between Gemüse and Salad – Gemüse are boiled/fried vegetables.

Driving a car on the autobahn

Look more in the rearview mirror than ahead and keep your distance. Many people drive very fast, if you end up last in a queue (stau in German) quickly turn on your hazard lights so that the car behind (driving at 200km/h) has a chance to see the danger.

Studded tires

Banned in Germany. Change to non-studded winter tires before departure in winter road conditions.

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