Aruba baby!

Anna Book did not know how right she was when she sang "ABC - you are in my thoughts" many years ago. After being in Aruba – one of the ABC islands – it's easy to dream back in your mind.

Where is the best place to live?

Most hotels are located either at Palm Beach or Eagle/Manchego beach. Palm beach is the busiest beach, with all the big hotel chains and with lots of activities and (American) restaurants. Eagle/Manchego beach is quieter, more all-inclusive and with some boutique hotels. So if you are a person who wants a little change, Palm Beach is your option. But don't worry if you feel you've chosen the wrong field. The local buses are both super fresh, reliable and cheap. And on an island like Aruba there is no such thing as distance.

What is there to see on the island?

A day trip with a rental car one (or more) laps around the island might be a good idea if you're tired of the beach, but don't expect miracles. Stop at the (island) famous lighthouse, the ostrich farm and at Arikok National Park. Take a bath at the circumscribed (but not so nice) Baby Beach overlooking an oil refinery(!) and shopping in the capital Oranjestad. Or you just stay at the hotel and do what you do best in Aruba. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.

Aruba in nine quick points

  • Best of Aruba: The white beaches and sunsets of Palm Beach! Difficult!
  • Aruba is best for: Couples/families who want a relaxing holiday with a good standard (and without stomach problems)
  • Aruba is not suitable for: The restless. If you don't like yoga.
  • Most annoying: Hotel queuing systems for sunbeds that will make you get up and queue - and the prices to book them! Crazy!
  • Budget wise: Should you be prepared for the high dollar rate
  • Wildlife: Iguanas and goats
  • Visa: Not needed for Swedes, as Aruba belongs to Holland
  • Vaccinations: Standard only – Hepatitis A/B
  • El: 110 Volt - bring adapter

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