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Around Berchtesgaden National Park - Bavaria - Germany

Around Berchtesgaden National Park - Bavaria - Germany

  • In Germany's most south-eastern corner lies a unique national park that offers both fjord landscapes and mountains. Berchtesgaden is a real beauty!

Not far from either Munich or Salzburg is one of Germany's most beautiful areas – the Berchtesgaden National Park. Sandwiched between the peaks of the Alps and the Austrian border, filled with waterfalls and alpine lakes. This is a national park that we have visited several times and which offered both incredibly capricious weather and beauty at the same time. In a densely populated country with so few national parks, this is a unique area in Germany to say the least.

Actually, it is not only the national park that is worth visiting, but the entire area of ​​Berchtesgadener Land. The Berchtesgadener Land of course includes the national park, but also many beautiful motorways, historic villages and churches in the immediate area. Since we lived on the Austrian side when we visited Berchtesgaden last time, I also sneak in a tip that is a little outside Berchtesgaden, but it is far too close to the park not to slip into this list!

Königsee - Berchtesgaden - Germany


The absolute most popular area in Berchtesgaden is Kungssjön - Konigsee. This emerald green beauty is more of a fjord than an ordinary lake, surrounded by its steep cliffs and pointed mountain peaks. Most popular is to go on a boat trip to the other side of the lake and the church of St Bartholomew, but if you are here in high season and have not booked your boat trip in advance, you can simply forget to get on a boat. At least that's what we got to experience... However, it's not too bad to instead hike along the western edge of the lake or take a trip up the cable car to Jenner for a view from above. The hiking trails are unimaginably empty of people, even though the entire parking lot is filled with Asian tourist buses.

Map to Schönau

Königsee - Berchtesgaden - Germany
Königsee - Berchtesgaden - Germany
Königsee - Berchtesgaden - Germany
Königsee - Berchtesgaden - Germany

The Eagle's Nest (Kehlsteinhaus)

A symbol of madness and a reminder of Germany's dark and horrible history during World War II. The eagle's nest was built at the top of a cliff in inaccessible terrain, accessible only via a bronze lift in the mountain. Today, nothing remains from the wartime inside the house and the Bavarian authorities run the place as a fund where all money goes to charity. The only thing that remains is the wonderful view at 1800 meters above sea level. The only way to get to the elevator to get up in the house is to take one of the organized shuttle buses along the steep and narrow road. A rather nasty place, which reminds us to never forget.

Map to Kehlsteinhaus 

To get to the Eagle's Nest, however, you need to park the car in Obersalzberg and then take the shuttles, so don't screw up the GPS! :)



Just outside Berchtesgaden is the small village of Ramsau. The first time I heard about Ramsau was when I bought a Lonely Planet book about Germany many years ago. The front was adorned by a beautiful church surrounded by mountains and a turquoise stream. I wanted to go there. And I have done that, twice. Ramsau is at least as beautiful in reality as it is in pictures.


Ramsau - Germany
Ramsau - Germany

Gollinger waterfall

There are many waterfalls and wild rapids in Berchtesgaden, but no waterfall we saw there was as beautiful as Gollinger Falls. However, this waterfall is not in Germany but in Golling in Austria. Moss-covered rocks and a beautiful surrounding forest make this waterfall a photographer's dream.

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Gollinger Wasserfelle - Austria
Gollinger Wasserfall - Austria

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Berchtesgaden - Germany

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    • I may be a little biased (as we have relatives in Bavaria), but it's really really nice down there! Notice you are there now! Hope you get lots of beautiful autumn colors and lots of photo opportunities! :)

    • Thank you! We had incredibly capricious weather and had to change the plans completely to dot a day of sun! The Alps are beautiful, but you really can't count on nice weather every day! :)

  • Unfortunately, we were hit by some bad weather when we were in the areas where you are in the summer, so we'll have to save it for another year. What lovely photos!

    • Thank you! ? Isn't the weather always a little worse in Berchtesgaden? Of the two times we have been here, the weather has usually been a disaster. The last time we were here, we had planned 3 days in the area, which was lucky because then we could reschedule and dot the day with sun. The other days it rained…

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