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Kullahalvön is Skåne's answer to the High Coast with its steep cliffs, clear water and cobbled beaches. There Skäldervikens waves roll in over Kullahalvöns northern coast is nature at its wildest and most beautiful. Here is the small fishing village of Arild, named by the travel magazine Travel+Leisure as one of Europe's secret gems. And I can't help but agree.

Arild from above at sunset and with a view to the sea

Arild was mentioned for the first time in a papal letter in 1475, but it is believed that the village began to take shape already in the 12th century. The name is said to come from the legend of Saint Arild. Saint Arild was a boy who lived in the area during the 12th century and who was murdered by his stepfather when the boat he was traveling in was set on fire and Arild and his brother Tore drowned. Arild floated ashore on a rock in Arild and Tore floated ashore at what is today Torekov.

Hibiscus at a Skåne meadow with a thatched roof in Arild
Nice house in Arild that is located on the hill
Yellow and green houses in Arild with hydrangea and hollyhocks

Arild has been a tourist resort ever since artists discovered the village in the mid-1850s. Many paintings were painted in this village in the 19th century, I myself have one of these paintings on the wall at home. The painting represents the road by the chapel in Arild, with a view of the harbor and Kullen. In Arild you could find the hottest artists of the 19th century - everyone from Isaac Grünewald to Prins Eugen. The light here is said to resemble the soft glow of Skagen, which was clearly a draw for every single artist within the kingdom's borders. The more popular the village became, the more the settlement expanded higher and higher from the harbor, causing the road to wind its way up through the village in true San Francisco spirit.

Today, Arild attracts visitors who seek the peace and quiet of Skäldervikens waves. If you are a spa lover, wine connoisseur or a family who wants to discover the area's wide range of attractions, nature experiences and good food.

The harbour

The harbor is the heart of Arild and a good starting point for exploring the village. In the past, herring and mackerel were hauled up here in large quantities from the fishing boats in the harbor, nowadays you can try a herring sandwich in the summer-open harbor cafe or walk to one of the two bathing spots in Arild - one in each direction from the harbor. If you want to discover Arild and Skälderviken from the sea you can rent kayaks and SUP down here in the harbor from Kullakajak.

Arild's harbor with all the small boats at sunset
Russians in sunset with the boats in Arild's harbor in the background
Swimming area in Arild by red cliffs and calm sea

Arild's chapel

A short walk from the harbor you'll find Arild's fine old chapel from the 15th century surrounded by greenery. Legend has it that the chapel was built on the spot where Saint Arild's body is buried. The chapel is Scania's only medieval fishing village chapel and the small chapel has details from the 18th century. The chapel is simply decorated with beautiful paintings by the pews and clean wooden details on the ceiling. Out in the cemetery lie the graves of the souls that the sea has taken over the years.

The chapel of Arild sea behind in sunset
Arild's chapel inside
Arild's chapel graveyard and gates

Porras Backe

During the summer months, the sun rolls down over Kullaberg's cliffs and lands in the sea outside Arild. Several evenings we have stood by Porra's hill and looked out over the village covered in a golden glow. A hard-hitting show that never offers the same numbers.

Porra's hill is just below Arild's bus stop and the park bench here is rarely free during beautiful summer evenings.

Couple on park bench at sunset by the sea
Sunset over Arild with a view of the whole village and the harbour

Saint Arild's spring

West of Arild, the cliffs begin to tower and the Skåneleden takes hikers from here towards the tip of Kullaberg. Here among the rocks you will find Saint Arild's spring, a large stone pot said to be where Saint Arild's body floated ashore. The "source" and its water have throughout the ages been said to bring health. It's not entirely easy to find the spring, but regardless, it's a nice walk to the little white bathhouse on the edge of the cliff.

The rocks at St Arild's spring and the little white bathhouse
Blackberries ripening in Skåne
The cliffs at St Arild's Spring

Arild's vineyard

Kullahalvön has an excellent climate for viticulture and on the outskirts of Arild you will find one of the most beautiful vineyards. Arild's winery not only has a nice restaurant and wine bar, but also offers accommodation. Most popular is the glamping in white tents in the middle of the vines, but there are also regular rooms.

Arild's vineyard with vines in a row at sunset
Arild's vineyard with the outdoor terrace overlooking the vineyards

Nimis and Skåneleden

Just a few kilometers from Arild along the Skåneleden is one of Kullahalvöns biggest (and most controversial) attraction – the artwork Nimis by Lars Vilks.
Read more about Nimis on my page: Visit Nimis on Kullaberg – The place that is not on the map

The three towers of Nimis
Kullaleden through beech forest and sloping terrain

How do I get to Arild?

Arild is on Kullahalvöns northern shore at Skälderviken, about 10 minutes by car from Höganäs. The best parking is found in the harbour.


Arild in sunset

Do you want to see more pictures from beautiful Arild?

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Bathing jetty at sunset in Skälderviken
Rusthållargården and its outdoor seating in the middle of Arild
Cows on the slope towards the sea in Arild
Half-timbered house
Small bus shelter with Arild sign in Arild
White houses in Arild
Street in Arild with flowers in abundance
Nice door fittings
The walking path through Arild
Blackberries in Arild
Cliffs at sunset


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