The year spent in travel 2016

What a wonderful travel year 2016 has been! Sometimes it's good to stop for a while and reflect on everything you've been through and enjoy a little afterwards. Isn't it strange how you sometimes get a different picture of your travels when you finally land at home on the sofa?

January – Singapore

We started the year on a high, literally, standing on a rooftop at the amazing Bacchanalia restaurant overlooking Singapore's fireworks to celebrate 50 years of independence. Singapore is the whole family's favorite place and we always try to find a way to come back here!

May – Berlin, Germany

In recent years, Berlin has risen like a rocket on our list of favorite cities in Europe. Close, cheap and with lots of nice hotels, shopping and restaurants - we'd love to go here!

June – Hua Hin, Thailand

Sometimes you just need a little rest in the warmth of a lovely hotel. Hua Hin is within driving distance of Bangkok, with many good hotels in a pleasant city with lots to do. A good stop-over on the way to other destinations in Asia!

July – Hong Kong

In the sweatiest July, we visited Hong Kong – this teeming with people, markets and food stalls. There is probably no city that can compare to Hong Kong - so unique, so crazy beautiful!

July – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Another one of our favorites that we will return to as soon as we get the chance! Nothing beats Dubai when it comes to service and good hotels. The Ritz Carlton in Dubai Marina delivered again.

July/August – Germany

Our European holiday by car started in July, starting and ending in Frankfurt. The highlight of the trip was the Romantische Strasse and the fantastic small villages of Rothenburg od Tauber and Dinkelsbuhl, the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein, wine tasting on the Rhine and Mosel, the giant amusement park Europapark and Berchtesgaden National Park.

August – Austria

Hallstatt, amazing Hallstatt! Discovering the salt mines here was one of the highlights of the year. Austria offered authentic yodeling and knee-off dancing, monkey strudel on the green slopes of the Alps north of Innsbruck and an unplanned visit to pleasant Feldkirch.

August – Liechtenstein

A quick stop in little Liechtenstein and Vaduz caught up on the way to the Swiss Alps. I probably didn't really understand HOW small a country this is, we had barely entered the country before we left again 🙂

August – Davos and Zurich – Switzerland

Hiking in the mountains in luxurious Davos and lovely accommodation in fine Zurich. But Switzerland is really expensive…

August – Colmar, Alsace

Colmar and Alsace, what a combo! Fantastic white wines and one of the finest cities in Europe.

August – Luxembourg

Luxembourg was probably our biggest surprise this year. Here we found really good restaurants, cozy shopping and beautiful nature. And everything is unbelievably clean and beautiful. But is it really only 14 degrees in August, or were we unlucky?

November – London

London is always a good idea. Especially at Christmas time! We ticked off some delicious Michelin restaurants and visited our biggest idol – Harry Potter!

How was your travel year?

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  • World by Tina
    May 8, 2017 at 15:15 pm

    Shit so many trips in one year, always shocked how people manage...then I counted my own and realized I was in 16 countries last year haha.

    • Eve on rucksack.see
      May 8, 2017 at 22:07 pm

      Ha ha ha ha, nice job! Shit - 16 countries in one year - that's a really good year! This year there will probably not be as many countries for us - but hopefully just as much traveling! 🙂

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