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The visit to Åhus was made in connection with a press trip with Visit Kristianstad, but all thoughts and opinions are, as usual, my own.

There is an English word for which I lack a good translation. The word "resort". A hotel that is a destination in itself. The place that you hardly want to leave on your vacation and that has all the services you need. Sweden has not been spoiled with resorts, but now there is an alternative in Åhus. Åhus Seaside by the white sandy Täppet beach. We visited the hotel for one night in November 2022 and had a really cozy day in the autumn darkness.

Location and environment

The facade of Åhus Seaside

Åhus is perhaps best known for being a first-class seaside resort during the summer months. Within walking distance to the center of Åhus, ice cream shops and cafes is the beautiful Täppet havsbad with its long bathing jetty and shallow beach. One of Skåne's most exciting new hotels opened here in the summer of 2022. A hotel that stands out and gives a feeling of being abroad from the moment you slide through the hotel's doors.

The facade of Åhus Seaside

The hotel Åhus Seaside is located almost directly on the beach by the famous pine tree and you are never far from the salty sea breezes. A stone's throw from the hotel are Täppet's small caramel-colored bathing cabins in a row, and the bathing jetty quickly takes you out to deeper water for year-round bathers. In addition, Skåneleden passes right in front of the hotel, so the opportunity for a nice evening walk or cycling holiday is good.

The hotel consists of two buildings – a main building with hotel rooms/restaurant and a building with a spa. The interior is in natural colours, natural materials and wood. A style that fits very well in the rugged nature by the beach. It feels summery, Scandinavian and inviting.

The room

The standard room we stayed in was relatively large, with a wide (and comfortable) double bed and a sofa bed for two. Perfect for a family with two children. On one side of the room hung a large canvas with a picture of the glamorous bathers of bygone days and on the other side of the room was a desk with a chair. The furnished balcony overlooking the sea to the east must be wonderful in the summer, especially in the wee hours when the sun rises over the sea. It was possible to make coffee/tea in the room, which is a bit cozy when you have a balcony like this.

The bathroom was clad in natural stone and there was a ceiling shower with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. In the hall there were wardrobes and a large mirror. For each guest there were bathrobes and slippers, which is very nice both for an evening bath or for a visit to the hotel's spa.

There are some rooms that accept dogs as guests, contact the hotel if you want to book a dog room.

Room at Åhus Seaside


One of the highlights of a stay at Åhus Seaside is a visit to the hotel's spa. There are hotel packages where a spa experience is included in the package, but you do not have to stay at the hotel to book a visit to the spa facility.

The hotel's spa is in its own little house in the hotel's courtyard, so just put on your slippers and bathrobe and head over from the hotel room.

The relaxation department at Åhus Seaside

The spa facility has an indoor part with two hot pools, an ice-cold pool and four different saunas – dry sauna, steam sauna, aroma sauna and infrared sauna. The atmosphere is relaxed and it's easy to unwind when you sink into the warm water.

Not being a cold bather, I prefer to stick to the really warm pools, but I ventured outside in the cold to test out the facility's large (and warm) massage pools. It was probably the outdoor pools that were the most beautiful, where you could lie under the starry sky and listen to the waves rolling in down on the beach.

On the top floor of the spa house is a relaxation area with large sofas and a lovely sea view. Here there is a stove (which is probably lit when it gets colder outside) and a bar where you can order both food and drinks. Extra popular are the extra deep lounge sofas that you can lie down and relax in. Preferably for a long time.

In the summer there seem to be sunbeds in the small spa garden bordering the beach. The shape of the grass in the garden is almost like a luxurious pool, maybe that is the plan going forward?

Outdoor spa at Åhus Seaside

The restaurant

The Seaside restaurant is located at the east end of the hotel, overlooking the beach and sea. It is a large restaurant with almost as many tables inside as outside on the glazed veranda. When we were there in November it was no longer possible to sit on the veranda, but this year's season must have been long.

The restaurant was fully booked the night we visited the hotel. The guests were not only hotel guests, but also businesses and residents nearby. It was a hearty atmosphere, without being too loud. Perfect talk level simply.

The restaurant had a menu consisting of cold appetizers, hot appetizers, main courses, pizzas and desserts. We had a two-course menu of cod with artichokes as a main course and a dessert of apples in three different shapes and textures. Very well prepared and tasty! Also nicely laid out. The service is helpful and attentive and we didn't have to wait too long for our food.

Dinner at Åhus Seaside

There is also a bar with a lounge area adjacent to the restaurant. Here you can hang out on the large leather sofas and relax after an active day at the beach. On our visit, both the lounge and the bar were full of people, which gave a nice international atmosphere.

One thing that might be good to know is that even the main courses are of appetizer size and I would therefore recommend that you also order one or two more appetizers as a starter if you are not a small eater.

The wine cellar at Åhus Seaside
The bar at Åhus Seaside


A good breakfast is one of the most important ingredients of a good resort. If you are at a resort, you should eat a long breakfast and drink at least three cups of coffee before you let the day begin. Here too, Åhus Seaside delivered. All kinds of eggs, pancakes, cheeses and spreads. Smoked salmon, coppa and croissants. Cherry tomatoes and melon and smoothies. Chocolate cupcakes and chocolate pralines to finish. I missed nothing except possibly an egg station with cooking on demand.

The breakfast at Åhus Seaside

Breakfast was served in the restaurant, which probably actually came into its own even more in daylight with its coloring and large windows. The lighting comes partly from Ateljé Lyktan, which both has its headquarters and manufactures its lamps here in Åhus. Extra nice are the small gray Bumling lamps that hang over the breakfast service,

The restaurant at Åhus Seaside

The bottom line – What did I think?

I've been looking for a really good resort at weekend distance from home for a long time. A place that doesn't become a whole project to visit, but a place you can just take the car and go to. Åhus Seaside is perfect for such a cozy weekend. Good food, nice environment and beautiful interior. Add to that a really nice spa, and you get ultimate relaxation in the bargain.

Is it better to go here in the summer if you want the full resort feeling? I would say this is a year round resort! An autumn or winter stay offers maximum coziness and it is an incredible feeling to lie in the cold outside air in the warm relaxation pool and enjoy the sound of the sea, the darkness and the stars. Not to mention having a late breakfast and still facing the sunrise over the sea. Perhaps even the opportunity for relaxation is greatest here in all seasons except the summer?

The facade of Åhus Seaside

How do I get to Åhus Seaside?

Åhus Seaside is located (as the name suggests) in Åhus in north-eastern Scania, by the fine-grained and shallow beach Täppet. The hotel has a large car park for those arriving by car.

Please note that there used to be an old hotel here, also called Åhus Seaside. That hotel has been demolished and the current hotel thus opened in June 2022. Remember to look at the dates if you want to read reviews from other guests on, for example, Google.




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