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2020 is undeniably a very special year. The year when everything stopped and for once there was time for reflection. The world has never been so small and most of my life has revolved around home, family and work. In the midst of this world chaos and tragedy, a small seed was planted in the family's thoughts. A seed that has been there so many times before, but for which there has never been either the time or the energy. A seed that was born on June 26th and came to us on August 21st. lilibet. Our little pug. Our beloved little giddy weather, bite monster and cuddly princess. Nothing is the same here at home since she came home to us - but most of it is undoubtedly for the better.

Sure, our sleep-in mornings have disappeared and it's not as easy to spontaneously go out to a restaurant anymore, but it feels like a favor to see this little life grow up. When she lies next to me on the couch on her back and lets me scratch her on her hairless stomach, or when every morning after the "morning kiss" she rushes to my side of the bed to be picked up and cuddle with me. She already has so many quirks and quirks to her that I almost think she was meant to be an eccentric Gyllenberger. By the way, can you be anything other than a drama queen when you are named after Queen Elizabeth II?

What will happen to the journey going forward?

Well thank you, it will hopefully go very well with the trip ahead! :)
Pugs should weigh between 6-8kg as adults, so my hope is that she will be able to travel in the cabin with us and become a seasoned air traveller. She already loves car rides and falls asleep as soon as the car starts rolling, so a road trip feels like a good option. She is practicing sitting in her dog backpack, so that we can carry her on our backs when she can no longer walk on her own. It's getting better and better, this weekend we walked five kilometers with her resting in the backpack for most of the walk. Although we are not ready to hike in the Alps yet, it feels very hopeful. After all, we've only had her in the family for three weeks, we have plenty of time to practice the dog backpack and transport bags before next summer.

On a hike in Tyresta

Reading tips about traveling with a dog

Of course, I've skimmed a lot of blog posts about what it's like to travel with a dog and everything you need to think about with dog passports, vaccinations and vet visits. Of course - the journey will be partly a little different at first - but right now it mostly just feels exciting!

On Vift - Traveling with a dog
4000 mil - Best tips for traveling with a dog in Sweden
Readyfortakeoff – The most frequently asked questions about traveling with a dog (plus, Charlotte has a wonderfully cute little pug)

How are your thoughts going in these times? Did you get a dog or cat in 2020? Or perhaps bought a summer cottage?

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  1. Unfortunately, we did the opposite, we had to euthanize our dog on the 10th of March, i.e. two days before the world closed. :-(
    Unfortunately, there won't be a new dog because we are in the phase where the children will soon be adults and then we want to be able to travel freely. Most of our dog sitters are also 85 years old and probably won't be active forever. Dog daycare is expensive, etc.
    Longing for a dog, but have also realized that it is above all Trulle that I long for. And unfortunately he won't be coming back. There is no other dog like him in the world.

    • I remember so well that I read about little Trulle last spring, there is probably nothing that makes me cry as much as posts about animals :(

      Really understand the longing for a dog, I, who am a dog person, have always resisted the urge and thought practically. How should it work with our life? But something must have happened to me this upside-down corona year. Now I think quite the opposite and plan to have my cake and eat it too – both traveling and having a dog. And preferably both at the same time :) We'll see how it goes, a sequel will definitely follow...

  2. Oh so lovely! Big congratulations to the cutie. We hope to be there soon. We've been planning to get a dog for a long time but chose to wait for the kids to get older, but now we've decided it's time. But unfortunately, a suitable puppy is conspicuous by its absence. Or really any puppy that is a Kelpie. Is unfortunately a huge deficit on hills. We are looking and emailing all kennels and emailed again and reminding our family that they really want to buy a dog but no pacifier yet. Patience is not one of my skills…

    • But oh so fun! ?? I was allowed to google what a kelpie looks like, I don't think I've ever met one - but they look really nice! ❤️ We hunted for a puppy all spring, don't know how many requests we sent out. But finally it clicked! Is probably a bit of a mixture of luck and coincidence - and a whole lot of stubbornness - which means that we now have this gold patch! ❤️

    • Haha, sometimes it turns around quickly. We also started looking early last spring and in the last few weeks we had started to give up and parallely looked at another breed. An Aussie (Australian Shepherd). Similar to Kelpie in function, temperament and size. Last Friday I started contacting Aussie kennels. Should be very difficult in that breed as well, but almost immediately met one who just now got a puppy back after about 1 week in his new home. And it wasn't because of the puppy, but completely different things. All of a sudden we had emailed exactly right. And that particular puppy met our requirements/desires in terms of type of puppy. And we matched the owner's. Read MH tests on parents, relatives and previous offspring until my eyes crossed over the weekend but last night it was decided. If everything clicks when we meet on Saturday, he will come home with us straight away. He will be almost 12 weeks so everything is going fast now.

    • I think the same. Everything will work out, maybe it just takes a little more planning when we're going to travel - but most things work out. Apart from going back to Australia then, but we should probably be able to solve that, I think?

  3. Congratulations on your new family member! It is a wonderful addition to the family. We managed to get a cat too now during these strange corona times. We who said that it will never be a cat, we are dog people. Think how wrong one can be?

  4. But then put aaaaaav so cute! I die! We got a dog last year and it's one of the best things we've done. It's not more difficult to travel with a dog than you make it out to be, everything requires a little extra planning but everything can be solved :)

    • She is wonderful! ❤️ I think the same, it's not more difficult with a dog - but requires a little planning. Have missed that you have lots of good "travel with dog" tips on your site, will sit down and read! ?


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