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An expected, but sad, trip to Malmö

An expected, but sad, trip to Malmö

The question often comes up in various travel forums. "Why do you travel?". The answers not too often revolve around "sun and heat" and "discovering new things". It's easy to forget that sometimes you don't travel for the sake of traveling, but because something has happened to loved ones. We experienced that this weekend when we quickly had to travel down to Skåne, when my father-in-law set off on the eternal journey.

Often when we plan trips we book at least a month in advance and adapt to dates with cheaper prices. But this time it was not time to think about either price or supply. We had to take what was available and at the price given and not think too much. All express trains were already fully booked and flight prices were frankly ridiculously high. Car would of course have been a choice if we could all go at the same time (which we couldn't). So they had to become ordinary slow trains at a premium. Air and rail must be the only industry where leftover products get more expensive the closer you get to the best-before date.

This is how all three of us are now sitting on the slow train from Malmö. Our headphones are on and we're thinking, watching Netflix and thinking some more. On life. On how happy we are to have each other. If we have missed something practical. On what is happening now. Sometimes trips are neither long-awaited nor wonderful and take us neither to sunshine nor to exciting new places. But in the end, maybe these trips are the trips that really, really matter. ❤️

Have you been here? What did you think of the destination?
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  • Sorry Eva.. I think you described everything very well. And sometimes it feels like when you get boredom and time for reflection, something good comes out of it at the same time. Hope the next trip will be more planned and fun :)

    • Thank you Lindha ❤️ Not easy to write about things like this. Hope all is well with you!

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