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I won the travel category in the "Inspired by Refunder" competition!

I won the travel category in the "Inspired by Refunder" competition!

I usually don't participate in competitions, but when a competition from a company that I often use appeared - then I couldn't resist signing up. Refunder (Sweden's largest cashback site) was looking for 8 influencers to start writing on their new portal in one of the travel/health/beauty/fashion categories. I signed up, but can honestly say I didn't think I'd go any further than the maximum of getting a goodie bag as a thank you for signing up.

Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later an email appeared saying that I was one of the 50 entries (out of over 1000 applicants) that had made it to the finals and they wanted me to come to The Strand in Stockholm to meet a celebrity blogger jury consisting of Petra Tungården, Gertrude Tornvall, Johan Hedberg (Foodgeek) and Lucas Simonsson. I think I read the email 10 times. Was this for real? But what do I have to lose? So I agreed to the interview and a few days later found myself in a 3 minute intensive interview with the celebrity bloggers. I honestly have no memory of what I actually said at the interview, but I remember thinking it was a really fun experience and I went home full of adrenaline and energy. Then I waited and waited. It's clear that somewhere you hope that it went well, but when the email then appeared, I probably actually got a little puffed up. I was one of the two winners in the travel category!

So after a busy Sunday with the amazingly inspiring and lovely celebrity blogger jury, with brand coaching and mingling, I will now also write a few posts a month with travel tips in the channel as well Inspired by Refund. My first post is actually already out – it's about hotels and three areas of Singapore that I like to live in. Rucksack will of course continue to be my main channel in the future, so I will also post the other posts here – stay tuned! :)

Have you been here? What did you think of the destination?
Been there - didn't like it!
Not keen at all to go here!
I want to go here!
Been here and loved it!
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  • Was in and checked out your page on Refunder?
    Australia is probably my favorite country. And now we have friends who are from Australia who are moving home these days. So must say hello to them.
    I want to take the train between Perth and Sydney.
    But first it will be Cape Verdi in November.

    • These sound like perfect travel plans – and so good with friends to visit! Perth is also on our list of places to go soon, the whole west coast feels like a great adventure! Swimming with whale sharks, visiting wineries and driving to Broome are on our list! The Cape Verde Islands, however, sound very cool! Sun, swimming and lots of sand are ALWAYS nice!

    • Thank you for the kind words Eva!! That makes me happy!! ?? I've just started doing some writing for that project, will be a little different dispute on those articles, but it's very much "me and my recommendations/thoughts" (just like on rucksack ?)

    • Thank you Daniela!! There will be a slightly different twist on the posts on refunder, but it's always fun to reach out to more people and write even more! :)

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