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I came second in the RES photo competition!

I came second in the RES photo competition!

I came second in the RES photo competition

Sometimes skill wins. Sometimes you win by luck. This time I can probably proudly say that it was something of an in-between. It's not every day that I get published in one of my favorite magazines and it's even rarer that I come second in a photo contest! So whoop whoop and hey and yippie - I got two in RES summer competition "RES in summer"!! The picture that made it onto the podium is a picture that you may remember from one of my reports from Portugal - Azenhas Do Mar – The white village on the edge of the cliff. The picture depicts two tiny little people by the big waves of the Atlantic. From the top of the cliffs above the beach I got a lovely view of both the sea and the frozen little sunbathers. The Atlantic may be beautiful, but it is far from a swimming magnet. I think I almost see goosebumps on the bathers, however small they may be.

Now you might be wondering what I won? A trip to the Maldives? Not really. :) But a year-long subscription to RES and a publication of my picture in the latest issue of RES is no shame! So take a little extra look at the page with the results of the photo competition in RES when you read the latest issue (because you do, right?) and I'll be a little extra happy!

By the way, I have another news too! I will continue to write about travel as an influencer Refunds for another six months! Working together with such a lovely group with so much energy and ideas is really a real boost of energy! Looking forward to it!

No, now I'm going to go do some practical things at home and then sit under a blanket on the sofa and read the latest RES from cover to cover. Think that after this sunny summer it can actually feel a little cozy to sit inside the sofa and look out at the rain!

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Azenhas Do Mar - Portugal

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