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Corsica - 7 attractions and favorites - France

Corsica - 7 attractions and favorites - France

  • One of the Mediterranean's largest islands has plenty of beautiful nature and cities with dramatic views. We managed to find some real goodies!

Corsica is one of the Mediterranean's largest islands and there is plenty of beautiful nature and cities with dramatic views to visit. Between beaches, mountains and a lot of good food, we took the rental car on a journey of discovery and found some real treats. Think that such a small island can have so much variety! Here are the sights and places we liked the most!

1. Saint Florent + Plage de la Roya

On the northwestern coast of Corsica lies the small town Saint Florent surrounded by sea and steep mountains. Here there is a small port, nice beaches and a citadel from the 15th century that watches over the city. Most of the restaurants and cafes are down in the marina, so just sit down and feel the Mediterranean winds in your hair and watch the nice boats bobbing in viken. If you want to swim, lie Roya Beach very close by, with a perfect view of the city. Long shallow, clean and not particularly crowded at all. But bring your own parasol and deck chair, there is not much other service here than windsurfing boards and kayaks.

Two other beautiful white beaches – Loto Beach and Saleccia Beach – is nearby. Either you take a boat trip from Saint Florent, or you drive here in a four-wheel drive car. We tried to drive here with our usual little French rental car, but it just turned right around!

St Florent - Corsica
Saint Florent

2. Cervione

Cervione is a cozy little village located in the mountains just south of Bastia. Here we had a long lunch at a restaurant Aux 3 Fourchettes, a classic Corsican restaurant. There are no menus in English here, but it is incredibly affordable and genuine. We ate the menu which consisted of 4 courses: A plate of charcuterie, Canneloni, Pork chops, Corsican cheeses and a 1/4 bottle of wine. It cost 16 Euro (2018).

Don't miss a walk along the steep streets before packing up and jumping back into the rental car.

3. Boniface

The medieval city Bonifacio located on the southernmost tip of Corsica, almost so close to Sardine that you can see the neighboring island on the horizon. The city is divided into two parts, where one part is the old city and the other is a large citadel.

Bonifacio - Corsica
Corsica - Bonifacio

To enter Bonifacio you need to walk up the slopes to the city gate. Once inside, you will find lots of small historic alleys, shops and restaurants. Look carefully for an excellent house at Rue des Empereurs when you walk in town, this is where Napoleon lived for a period. On the outskirts of the city are the houses that stuck to the very edge of the rocks, if the houses had not been here for so many hundreds of years I would probably have been a little worried that they would collapse into the sea. Stop and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea, the turquoise water and the white cliffs below the city.

Do not miss a visit to the beautiful cemetery, this is very far from the image of a Swedish burial ground.

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Flea market-Paris

4. Porto Vecchio

Porto-Vecchio is one of Corsica's most popular tourist destinations, despite the fact that just 100 years ago the area was basically just a swamp with lots of mosquitoes and malaria. Nowadays, the swampland is drained and the tourists are spared the flying scourge. Down in the harbor there are plenty of restaurants serving fresh seafood and fish, but the core of the city is actually up on kullen above.

For those who want to live close to nice swimming, the area around Porto Vecchio has some of the Mediterranean's most beautiful beaches. You will find white sand and turquoise water and almost a bit of Caribbean vibes on the beaches Santa Giulia and Palombaggia Beach - google for pictures and you'll see what I mean!

Ponte Vecchio - Corsica

6. GR20 – Cascades des Anglais

GR20 considered one of Europe's toughest hiking trails, each year attracts hikers of all ages who walk the week-long route across the island among suspension bridges, steep cliffs, waterfalls and pastures. We took the car up into the mountains and went on a shorter hike on the GR20 Cascades des Anglais, an area with waterfalls and natural pools that cool off nicely on hot summer days. But we will definitely come back when the daughter is older and hike a bit more, because the views looked really promising!

Cascades des Anglais - Corsica

7. Cut

Cutting is a small university town in the middle of Corsica. Surrounded by mountains, a national park and with a dramatic citadel, this is a city you'll love to explore more of! Many hiking trails start in the city, but the views are magnificent even from the city itself.

Corte - Corsica
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