26 Christmas markets around Stockholm (2023)

Every year when the first of Advent approaches, it happens. The longing for light, warmth and Christmas comes to me like a real popsicle. I want mulled wine, roasted almonds and straw decorations. It's simply time to start dedicating the weekends to Christmas markets! I really like both modern Christmas markets with art and classic Christmas markets with crafts, but most of all there should be lots of good food and sweets. Because if there's one thing you should do all the way into the Christmas cake, it's eating those things you only eat once a year.

As I've done quite a bit of research for the best Christmas markets, I thought I might as well write them down and save them for next year. Christmas markets tend to reappear year after year. The Christmas markets that I have selected are often a little outside of Stockholm, preferably in a castle or a manor house.

Long-running markets

Christmas in the stone barn at Steninge Castle - MÄRSTA
November 11 to December 23

Stortorget's Christmas market in the Old Town - OLD TOWN
November 25 to December 23

The Christmas market in Sigtuna – SIGNATURE TUNA
Sundays 26 November, 3 December, 10 December and 17 December

Skansen's traditional Christmas celebration – DJURGÅRDEN
Every Friday to Sunday from November 24

The farmer's own market – OSTERMALM
December 2, December 9, December 16

Before Advent

Christmas evenings in Rosendal's garden – DJURGÅRDEN
November 15-16

Zeta's Christmas Market – SEGELTORP
November 18-19

Christmas market Skultuna Brass factory – SKULL TUNA
November 24-26

Christmas market at Taxinge Castle - NEW MILL
November 17-19 and November 23-26


Nyckelvikens Christmas market - NECK
December 3 (1st Advent each year)

Christmas at Vallby open air museum – VÄSTERÅS
2-3 December

Christmas market & Christmas fun in Gustavsberg harbour – HEAT DEATH
2-3 December

Konstfack's Christmas market - TELEFONPLAN
First Advent weekend every year (No information about 2023 yet)

Vasa Christmas market – VASASTAN
25 November and 2 December

Christmas market Täby Park - TÄBY
December 2

Nerds' Christmas market - SOLNA
2-3 December

Skokloster Castle – SHOE MONASTERY
2-3 December

Christmas market Taxinge
Christmas at Taxinge Castle

Second of Advent

Christmas at Hovstallet – OSTERMALM
8-10 December

Vaxholm's traditional Christmas market at Lägret – VAXHOLM
9-10 December

Siggesta farm's Christmas market – HEAT DEATH
9-10 December

Christmas market in Fiskehamnen - NYNÄSHAMN
9-10 December

Filmstaden's Christmas market - SOLNA
December 10

Christmas in the 19th centuryt on Torekällsberget – SOUTHERN TALE
9-10 December

Färgfabriken Marknad – LILJEHOLMEN
9-10 December

Birkagården – VASASTAN
December 9

Third Advent

Christmas market at Skeppsholmsgården – SKEPPSHOLMEN
16-17 December

Have I missed any of your Christmas market favorites? Which Christmas markets are you going to this year?


    • Oh, thanks for the tip Enskedethe park's bakery! I thought it was the same as Enskedes Christmas market. Will check it out! Hope there was a saffron bun or two for you this weekend! :)


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