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Christmas gift tips for those who like to travel

Christmas gift tips for those who like to travel

  • No idea what to buy for Christmas for your travel-loving relative? Relax, here are five Christmas gifts every traveler should want.

Christmas is fast approaching and we all probably have some travel-loving relative with whom we plan to exchange Christmas presents. As a travel lover, you rarely want things that take up space and weigh a lot, so here is a list of 5 practical things that every traveler borders want to find in their Christmas stocking.

Packing bags

I hardly remember how I packed before I started packing with packing bags. By packing clothes and gadgets in well-marked packing bags, you always find what you need quickly. Each thing in its place. Not to mention how it has revolutionized the packing of small children's clothes - how many times have I thought I forgot to pack those little tights, only to find them unused at the bottom of my bag when I got home...

Don't forget to also have a laundry bag, so you don't have to mix dirty and clean laundry!

Tips for places that sell packing bags:

Clas Ohlson: Storage bags in 6-packs

Naturkompaniet: Packing systems in different sizes

Out North: Large assortment of packing bags

Equip: Cheap packing cubes with mesh


Advent calendar with beauty products

Advent calendar? Why should you buy an advent calendar for a travel lover? Well, there is one thing that all travelers love. Small packages. Would it be so good to get a whole calendar with small packages of your favorite brand? Pure luxury for all of us travelers who like a good skin cream and a shampoo that doesn't turn the hair into a rice bush.

Two lovely calendars for us ladies:

L'Occitane: Advent calendar Standard 

Body shop: Advent calendar Purple


Subscription to Readly

I LOVE glossy magazines, but they are heavy and take up a lot of room in carry-on luggage. Since I discovered Readly, I instead read all my weekly newspapers in my iPad and I have access to an infinite number of magazines and newspapers throughout the trip. My entire need for magazines is really satisfied here: Fashion, Food, Politics and Interior Design. The travel favorites are of course also available: RES, Lonely Planet, Allt om Resor, Wanderlust Travel Magazine, Travel+Leisure, Escape 360 ​​and more. A perfect subscription for someone who travels, reads a lot and flies a lot - as there is also an offline mode!

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Camera backpack

When you travel with several lenses, camera bodies and filters, you need to keep your equipment in order. In general, I think most camera bags are pretty ugly, but I have found a backpack with a secret camera compartment that I can use both as a carry-on on the plane and as a daypack when I'm out hiking. And if I'm not traveling with the big camera, I can repurpose the camera compartment to fit what I need to pack – whether it's clothes or fragile Christmas presents. Check out all the smart models that Lowepro has - there's guaranteed to be a backpack for every traveller!

Lowepro:  Camera backpack


Support socks

Maybe not the world's sexiest Christmas present, but support socks are a long-haul flight's best friend. And nowadays it's not even ugly - there are socks of all colors and models! There are even support socks that look just like regular black socks and can be worn with a suit, so I promise these socks will come in handy - even if it may take a while to admit. Dare to try it – you'll arrive at your destination so much fresher!

Pharmacy: Support socks

Pharmacy: Support socks

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