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Travel to Australia with children - Tips before the trip

Travel to Australia with children - Tips before the trip

  • What is it really like to travel with children to Australia? Here are my best tips for the trip!

It is easy to question whether Australia is a suitable destination for children. "It's so far away" and "There are so many dangerous animals" are comments we often hear when we talk about going to Australia again. Having just returned home after 3 weeks in this vast country (our 4th trip to Australia in 5 years!), we can confirm once again that Australia is a perfect place to travel to with children. Everything is easy in Australia!

  • TAP WATER - In Australia, everyone drinks tap water - and it's good. In the restaurants, a jug of water is put out before you have barely had time to ask for it. It's very nice not to nag the children about not getting tap water in their mouths when brushing their teeth and you don't have to worry about eating either salad or ice cream. You can simply leave the Immodium box at home.
  • CHILDREN'S MENUS - In Australia, it goes without saying that you take the children with you to restaurants. The vast majority of restaurants have a children's menu for a picky eater and if it doesn't fit, it's usually possible to get half portions without problems. "No worries" is the most common answer if you want something off the menu.
  • ACTIVITIES - There is plenty to do for children of all ages - not only at museums and zoos in the big cities in the south, but also in the national parks in the wilderness in the north. The children's discounts are also always generous and there is usually a family price.
  • SECURITY - You don't have to think about whether there are life jackets for children on the catamaran - there are! The taxis have seat belts and the crime level is comparable to Sweden. We have never felt scared and unsafe in Australia, but have always been treated in a friendly and helpful manner.
  • ANIMAL - What children don't like animals? Sitting on the balcony eating breakfast and watching the wild cockatoos squawking in the trees or suddenly seeing a cute koala in a tree - here the nature experiences are so weird and so exciting that it can make even the most inveterate iPad addict drop screen. It is possible to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef from the beaches of several of the islands outside Cairns, which is usually better for children than snorkeling from a boat. And in the Daintree - the world's oldest rainforest - there are lots of lianas, spiders and colorful parrots to look out for. Of course there are dangerous animals, but by being aware of crocodiles (don't go down to river banks), spiders (shake out of your shoes before you put them on), cone shells (don't pick them up on the beach) and jellyfish (wear stinger suits - there to rent), the children learn that we humans should not kill all dangerous animals, but we can live side by side with respect for each other. All animals, even poisonous ones, have an important place in our ecosystem. Don't be afraid - be aware!
  • HEALTHCARE - As a Swede, you have the right to the same healthcare as an Australian, thanks to an agreement Sweden has with Australia. Medical care is fast and efficient (we've tested it!) and while you should of course ALWAYS have travel insurance, it's nice to know that doctor visits at public hospitals are free and medicine is subsidized.

Have you been here? What did you think of the destination?
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  • Hello! I found here when I googled tips on how to survive long flights with small children?. Just thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you that I really like your posts. Lots of great tips and inspiration. I even calmed down a little, a little before the flight to Australia with my seafaring 16 month old? after reading what you wrote?. /Annelie

    • Thank you Annelie, how happy I am to hear that you like my posts! My main goal with the blog is to inspire and get more people to dare to go on a long vacation with children, will be very happy (and very happy :) ) to hear that you are on your way to Australia! Have a great trip and get in touch if you want more Aussie tips, have plenty I haven't posted about yet.

  • Oh thank you! I'm going to read through everything you wrote about New Zealand and Australia and I'll be happy to get back to you with questions later. Right now I'm planning the route down. Had intended to make two stops to make it easier for the children and to see something new. Maybe you have tips on good stops? We will be living in Melbourne for four years, so there is a good chance that we will have time for many of your recommendations☺️.
    Kind regards /Annelie

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