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9 tech gadgets we don't want to be without on the trip

9 tech gadgets we don't want to be without on the trip

  • You've packed the most important stuff. But you haven't forgotten these tech gadgets, have you?

You've packed your iPhone, iPhone charger, your Kindle, your camera and your iPad, so the most important tech stuff is in place. But don't forget to tuck away those little tech gadgets – they could be the crucial things to survive 13 hours in economy class or the thing that saves you from battery cod or unnecessary expenses on the flight.

    You've sat in the airplane seat, selected which movies to while away the travel time with - but you can barely hear any of the movie because of all the travel noise! A pair of noise-reducing headphones is an indispensable travel companion on the plane/train and you get a silence that not only helps you hear what the actors are actually saying in the film, but also gives you nice silence when you go to sleep.
    You can get easily stressed when you have the chance to take the perfect holiday photo with your mobile phone, but the cold on the mountain has eaten up your mobile battery without you noticing. With a fully charged spare battery, you can feel at ease.
    There is not much that is as annoying as when you forget the power adapter at home! For those of you who have tried to buy a travel adapter abroad, you may also have discovered that it is not entirely easy to get hold of the right adapter once you are there - the range is usually (unsurprisingly) adapted to those who live in the country needs an adapter, which means reverse "spikes" for us... Take several adapters with you, it's rare that you only need to charge one thing. And keep in mind that an electrical adapter does not change the voltage - only the "pins"!
  4. POWER SUPPLY CORD (or other multi-sockets)
    Some people check out the toilet first of all in a hotel room. Others check out the balcony. We check how many electrical outlets there are in the room. But since in recent years we have always traveled with only a power cord and multi-USB charger, the problem has nowadays become significantly less. A plus is that with a junction box you also need fewer travel adapters.
    How is it that the bag ALWAYS weighs more on the way home, even if you haven't bought anything? (Well, I guess shopping is a relative term...) With a luggage scale, you know exactly how to pack your bags optimally and don't have to put on 4 layers of clothes at the check-in counter to avoid penalty fees.
    Whether you're lying on a stool on the beach or hiking in Yellowstone, it doesn't matter - you're definitely far from an electrical outlet. With one of the new solar cell chargers, you can charge your mobile wherever you are - although it charges best in direct sunlight.
    2015's most popular Christmas present still lasts. Although several major tourist attractions have banned the use of selfie sticks, it has become indispensable in our pack. For a good selfie, you need insanely long arms. Or a selfie stick.
    In order to both backup your beautiful vacation photos and to be able to upload them to social media quickly, an SD card adapter for the iPad is indispensable. Plug the memory card into your iPad and fill up the images. Perfect if you want to edit the images in, for example, Lightroom and then show the world on the fly your well-manicured feet in the sun by the pool.
    Put your Spotify playlists offline and connect to your small portable bluetooth speaker wherever you are. Think how easy it is these days to listen to Summer times on the beach - those of us who remember rock blasters and CDs are fully enjoying the development of technology.
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