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50 designer outlets in Europe

50 designer outlets in Europe

  • Why pay more than necessary? There are a large number of really good designer outlets in Europe with brands in all price ranges - here are my favourites!

A few years ago, it was almost a must on a holiday in the USA to shop at "designer factory outlets" - the large shopping villages selling old collections of designer clothes at special prices. Nowadays you can find many great outlets in Europe, with the same concept and with just as good discounts. I'm not a big shopper, but if I need a pair of Birkenstock slippers or a Le Creuset pot, it's not so bad to get the same item for half the price.

In Europe, there are a number of major players who run chains of outlets. All these outlets are structured like artificial villages with outdoor streets surrounded by low small houses with shops and restaurants. I have visited a handful of these outlets and even though they look similar, there is some difference between stores and brands. Read which brands are available in the center you intend to visit before you go there, so you don't get disappointed if your favorite brand is missing!

Most outlets are located 30-60 minutes by car outside of a major city and although it is usually possible to go to the location by public transport, it is easiest to get there by car. There are always large parking spaces in the area and I have not experienced that the parking lots were full when we got there - not even during holiday periods.

McArthurGlen – 7 countries and 24 outlets

McArthurGlen is one of the major players when it comes to outlets in Europe with its 24 outlets in seven countries. The brands vary between the different centers, but here you will find everything from Crocs and Levis to Gucci and Karl Lagerfeld.

The largest outlet Serravalle is outside Milan and has 240 stores, making it Europe's largest designer outlet. I have visited the centers in Neumünster and in Roermond - both were very well run, well organized and dog friendly.

Austria: Salzburg and Parndorf (near Vienna)
France: Provence (near Marseilles), Roubaix (near Lille), Troyes (near Paris) and Paris-Giverny (near Paris)
Germany: Berlin, Neumünster (near Hamburg/Lübeck) and ochtrup (near Münster)
Italy: Barberino (near Florence), Roman Castle (near Rome), The palace (near Naples), noventa (near Venice) and Serravalle (near Milan)
Netherlands: Roermond (near Dusseldorf), Roosendaal (near Antwerp/Rotterdam)
Spain: Malaga
United Kingdom: Ashford (near London), Bridgend (near Cardiff), Cheshire Oaks (near Manchester/Liverpool), East Midlands (near Nottingham), Swindon (near Bath/Bristol), West Midlands (near Birmingham) and Y.

Read more McArthurGlen.

Via Outlets – 9 countries – 11 outlets

A fast-growing outlet chain and one of the few in Sweden - Via Outlets invites you to pleasant centers with designer brands in all price ranges. It's a mix of mid-range and international luxury brands and there's always a lot of exciting local brands. I visited Freeport in Lisbon on a hot August day and unexpectedly found a great woolen scarf at Burberry that I still use every winter. Expect the unexpected when you simply shop at the outlet.

Netherlands: Batavia city fashion outlet (near Amsterdam)
Germany: Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet (near Frankfurt)
Sweden: Hede fashion outlet (south of Gothenburg)
Portugal: Freeport fashion outlet (near Lisbon) and Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet (near Porto)
Norge: Oslo fashion outlet (outside Oslo)
Spain: Mallorca fashion outlet (near Palma) and Sevilla fashion outlet (near Seville)
Czech Republic: Fashion area Prague outlet (near Prague)
Poland: Wrocław Fashion Outlet (near Wroclaw)
Switzerland: Landquart Fashion Outlet (outside Zurich)

Read more Via outlets.

The Bicester Collection - 7 countries - 9 outlets

Everything from Diesel to Burberry, Balenciaga and Chloé – Bicester Collection's nine outlets have a strong regional focus and offer different brands in the different centres. I have visited nice La Vallee Village with 120 stores, which is close to Disneyland Paris and Kildare Village outside Dublin with 100 stores (one of the few outlets that has Mulberry).

United Kingdom: Bicester Village (near London)
Ireland: Kildare Village (near Dublin)
France: La Vallee Village (near Paris)
Belgium: Maasmechelen Village (near Düsseldorf/Liege)
Germany: Wertheim Village (near Frankfurt) and Ingolstadt (near Munich)
Italy: Fidenza Village (near Bologna)
Spain: La Roca Village (near Barcelona) and Las Rozas Village (near Madrid)

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Land of fashion villages – 5 outlet centers in Italy

Land of Fashion operates five major outlets in Italy, most of them located quite far from the nearest big city. Here you will find many local Italian brands, but also international mid-range brands such as Adidas and Asics, or Tommi Hilfiger and Timberland.

Read more
Hotel Vis a Vis - Sestri Levante - Italy

Franciacorta village (between Lake Como and Lake Garda)
Valdiciana Village (middle of Tuscany)
Mantova Village (near Verona/Bologna)
Palmanova Village (near the Slovenian border)
Puglia Village (near Bari).

Read more Land of Fashion.

Stockholm Quality Outlet

Outlet number fifty on the list and the only outlet located near Stockholm. Stockholm Quality Outlet in Barkarby is a good place for when you need to shop for outdoor clothing (Bergans, Peak Performance, Haglöfs and Didriksons), but I've also shopped a lot at Filippa K and Le Creuset.

Read more Stockholm Quality Outlet.

What is your favorite outlet in Europe? Feel free to tip in the comments!

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