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6 family-friendly restaurants in London

It is not difficult to find good restaurants in London if you google around a bit, it is rather difficult to choose a restaurant considering the large selection. But how easy is it to find a good restaurant when traveling with children? Little (and big) legs get tired when you least expect it. Stomachs rumble and you need to eat at the wrong time. Here are my favorites in London: everything from a futuristic afternoon tea, to the best brunch for families and a luxurious lunch with a Michelin star. Some restaurants require reservations far in advance, others are better to go to when the mood is low and you need food quickly.

Best afternoon tea with kids: SKETCH

You can book a traditional afternoon tea at the Ritz and be super happy, but you can book an afternoon tea at Sketch and take the experience to a whole new level. This is a place that you will tell all your colleagues and friends about and definitely a place that you will remember for the rest of your life. In a pink restaurant with plush furniture and absurd black and white drawings on the walls, a fantastic afternoon tea is served for the whole family. For the adults, the accessory is of course champagne, for the children a lovely little teddy bear wearing a knitted Sketch sweater is included. Don't miss going to the toilet, it's almost an otherworldly experience! In a room filled with large eggs under a ceiling of multicolored mosaic glass, you will find the toilets. Every egg is a toilet.

Sketch is so popular that you almost book your afternoon tea before you book the plane tickets to London. The easiest way is to book via Bookable, where you can easily find available times. If there are any…

Sketch – Gallery – Afternoon Tea
9 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XG

The toilets at Sketch

Best brunch: BILL'S

If you get urgently hungry while exploring the streets of London, is Bill's an affordable place for the whole family. With a whole host of restaurants around the UK, chances are you'll have a Bill's very close by. With different menus from morning to night, this is a popular place to hang out with friends for weekend brunch with a Bloody Mary and an Eggs Benedict. Affordable children's menu with many options and a fresh menu with a British touch for adults with several vegetarian options. They also have a really nice graphic profile.

Available at over 20 locations in London. The closest one to Regent Street / Picadilly is at 36-44 Brewer St.

Best value-for-money: KITCHEN W8

Do you want to eat at a Michelin restaurant without paying the shirt? Sundays have nice Kitchen W8 in Kensington High Street offer 3-course gourmet lunch for under £40. Read more about the menus (changing all the time) and book on their website. No children's menu, but there is usually one of the main dishes that appeal to the kids. The menu I would classify as British with a French twist.

Kitchen W8
11 – 13 Abingdon Road, Kensington


London is not known for its restaurants with a view, but for the Michelin restaurant Galvin at Windows you will find on the 28th floor a wonderfully classic restaurant with a really good view of London. Here, too, you can get away really cheap if you book via Bookable and sit you down before 19pm – their scrumptious 3-course dinner including a Bellini costs just £33 per person. There is also a children's menu with a ridiculously good price of £10.

Galvin at Windows
London Hilton, 22 Park Lane, London

Best chain: WAGAMAMA

Not at all unique to London (also found in Stockholm), but a chain of restaurants across the UK that appeals to anyone who likes well-prepared and fast Japanese/Asian food. Wagamama serving ramen, gyoza, Japanese curry, teppanyaki and omakase - basically everything except sushi. I am always very satisfied with their ramen and their ginger chicken is a winner. The children's menu works well even for picky children. The advantage of Wagamama is that you always have someone close to where you are and no reservations are required (although it is popular). Fast, convenient and always delicious!

A large number of restaurants in London, but 42 Great Marlborough street is very close to Regent Street.

Best Mexican Family Restaurant: WAHACA

Mexican street food at its best - it almost feels like you're in Mexico! Available in 16 colorful locations across London, with affordable food that appeals to the whole family. The small dishes are the best!

Available, among others, at St Pauls – One New Change, London EC2V 6AG

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  • Eric
    May 3, 2018 at 23:12 pm

    How do you do it on bookatable when you want to book the children in with you. Do you enter how many people there are but then say that they should have a children's menu?

    • Eve on rucksack.see
      May 3, 2018 at 23:20 pm

      Hi Eric! We usually book a table on Bookatable for 3 (2 adults and 1 child), then we have sometimes contacted the restaurant after booking and informed them that we are 2+1 (especially in expensive restaurants with fixed menus, it has felt best to check before…). But there was never a problem at the restaurants in London, where we just booked for three and turned up. If the restaurants didn't have a children's menu, we got half portions of the "adult food", which suited our daughter perfectly. 🙂

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