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10 travel questions about me

10 travel questions about me

  • Who am I really? What type of traveler am I? Here are 10 quick questions about me!

Now that you know all about how to plan the ultimate road trip and where in Queensland to find the best seafood, you might be wondering who I really am to write about all these things. What type of traveler am I? Here are the answers to 10 quick questions about me!

1: Pack far in advance or pack at the last second?

I'd like to write that I'm incredibly well-planned and that I'm fully packed the week before departure, but the more I travel, the worse I get at packing! The packing gets sloppier and sloppier and I start packing later and later. There's a reason why I like packing lists - it's the only way I can manage to bring even half of what I need! When we go on weekends, I often freestyle at the last second. I usually end up forgetting the hairbrush.

2: Do you buy souvenirs?

You bet! I collect one thing in this life, and it's so-called "ugly mugs" - that is, the ugliest souvenir mugs you can find. We then use these to drink coffee in, so if they are not dishwasher safe, they are quickly out of the game! Right now I have so many ugly mugs that I may have to banish some to storage. Doesn't feel good at all, you need to be able to get your dose of holiday memories every day...

3: Where are you going next?

We have plans to go back to some old favorite cities, but also to fly away to some new acquaintances! Singapore, Vietnam (Hoi An), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and North Portugal coming next, join me on the blog!

4: Support stockings or not?

Of course support socks on long flights! I feel incredibly much fresher and my feet are much happier when, upon landing, I don't feel like Cinderella's stepsister trying on an ice cream slipper that's way too small.

5: Unexpected things that you always pack with you?

I like those plastic cable ties (I call them "straps") that you buy in packs of 100 at Clas Ohlson. They can be used to lock bags that don't have a lock or to fix things that break on the road. Incredibly practical! Then I always take a roll of 3-liter freezer bags with me. You never know which bottle will leak or if the damp swimwear will stain. Look at how many of my clothes have turned pink after being packed with a slightly damp red bikini...

6: Have you ever missed your flight?

No. I like to be out in good time and hang out at airports and in the lounge and always book transfers with a good margin. So even the times when the car broke down on the way to the airport, or I had to run with a baby on my arm through the whole of Charles de Gaulle - I've made it. However, we were well on our way to missing the flight to Oslo now on the sports holiday. With 15 minutes left until departure, we were still in the baggage claim line after 1,5 hours of queuing! Absolutely hysterical. So it was a jogging trip through Arlanda this time as well. Maybe not quite the way I prefer to start my holiday.

7: Have you ever run a red light at customs?

Well, quite often actually! I have learned from my favorite TV series – The border guards. As soon as I'm the least bit unsure, I go on red or ask. Especially in countries with strict import regulations, I usually don't take any chances. An example of that was when we first came to Australia and I realized that I had both bought wooden pencils for my daughter and that I myself had shoes with wooden heels. But the only comment I got from the customs officer when we showed the stuff was "Nice shoes".

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8: How long have you been blogging?

If you count my photo blogs that I had in the past, I've probably been sharing travel photos online for almost 20 years. However, I restarted in 2015 and started writing more, so you could say that my travel blogging has been around since 2015.

9: What are your 5 favorite places?

Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Czech Republic and everywhere in the Alps (Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria)

10. What are your favorite airlines?

Emirates, SAS, Qantas and Singapore Airlines. This summer we will fly with both Emirates and SAS, but also with Bangkok Airways (new acquaintance) and JetStar Asia (we have flown with JetStar before, but not the Singaporean company).


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  • What fun to find your blog and read about you! :)

    I've had several different blogs but recently merged my New York blog with my general travel blog.

    Looking forward to following you!

    • Thank you Anna! Nice to find your blog too – love your inspiring pictures and tips that you just want to grab right away! ?

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