10 German themed routes - Discover Germany by car from castles to porcelain

Turn off the autobahn and head out on one of the 150 German themed roads! Here you will find themed routes that take you on everything from fairy tales to castles, china, beer and world heritage - a holiday where the road is actually the destination.

Can't bear to google and search for attractions when you go on a road trip? In Germany, there are as many as 150 German themed routes with ready-made routes, where each route is well described and has well-selected stops and tips on attractions. So far we have only traveled the Romantic Road (Romantische straße), but I have found more themed routes that I would like to ride. Join us on a themed road trip in Germany - everything from castles, wine, fairy tales and porcelain to beer and half-timbered houses! A journey where the road is actually the destination.

1. The romantic road

In Bavaria in southern Germany goes Romantic road (Romantische straße). The theme road has been a tourist destination since the 1950s and is one of Germany's most popular theme roads. Visit castles, vineyards and 26 medieval towns on your way down to the Alps and the crazy Neuschwanstein Castle.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Read more about Romantische strasse on my pages: Romantische Strasse – Travel guide to Germany's most beloved road and Photo album from Romantische Strasse – Germany.

Start: Würzburg
End: Fussen
Length: 46 thousand
Official site: https://www.romantischestrasse.de/en/

2. The porcelain route

Germany has a 300-year history of porcelain manufacturing and beyond The Porcelain Road (Porzellanstraße) you can experience museum and factory sales. Once upon a time, porcelain was called "the white gold" and was a precious commodity.

The road runs from Bamberg in northern Bavaria all the way to Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Many porcelain manufacturers have guided tours and the route also takes you past beautiful landscapes and interesting castles and monasteries.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Bamberg
End: Bayreuth (via Karlovy Vary / Ostrava in the Czech Republic)
Length: 80 thousand
Official site: http://www.porzellanstrasse.de/en/home-en.html

3. The fairytale road

Many of us have grown up with the Brothers Grimm fairy tales about Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, but have you ever wondered where the brothers got their inspiration from? The brothers wrote as many as 200 fairy tales and The fairytale road (Deutsche Märchen Straße) takes you to the world of fairy tales. From The three street musicians in Bremen to Sleeping roses castle Sababurg - The fairy-tale path takes you from castle to hut.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Bremen
End: Frankfurt
Length: 100 thousand
Official site: https://www.deutsche-maerchenstrasse.com/en

4. The German Alpine Route

Along the entire border with Austria – from Lake Constance to Berchtesgaden – it runs German Alpine Road (Deutsche Alpenstraße). 48 miles of fantastic nature, fresh winds and opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Southern Germany is the gateway to the Alps and here you will find over 100 mountain peaks and countless castles, alpine lakes and mountain villages. The scenery is as if taken from the scenes in Sound of music and the views are adorably beautiful.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Lindau
End: Schonau
Length: 48 thousand
Official site: https://www.deutsche-alpenstrasse.de/en/home

5. The Württemberg Wine Route

The Württemberg Wine Route (Wurttemberg Weinstraße) is a themed route that winds back and forth through the wine-producing region starting in Weikersheim and ending in Metzingen. The road is 511 kilometers long and passes by Stuttgart, which is called "the city between forest and vineyards" because the vineyards here go all the way down to the city center.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Weikersheim
End: Metzingen
Length: 51 thousand
Official site: https://wuerttemberger-weinstrasse.de/

6. Korsvirkesvägen

On a stretch of over 350 miles(!) a hundred charming historic towns have come together to best showcase their beauty under the name Korsvirkesvägen (Deutsche Fachwerkstraße). This is actually not one road, but eight regional roads that run from the river Elbe all the way down to the Black Forest.

The journey goes through idyllic landscapes with fabulously beautiful villages where centuries of history (sometimes even millennia!) replace each other. It really feels like nowhere else on earth can there be as many half-timbered houses as there are here, and the feeling may actually be true. There are a whopping 2,5 million half-timbered houses in Germany.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Bleckede on the Elbe in Northern Germany
End: Meersburg/Black Forest
Length: 350 thousand
Official site: https://www.deutsche-fachwerkstrasse.de/en/Homepage.html

7. Green way

From Germany to France, 36 miles through the Rhine Valley, the Black Forest and the Vosges, it runs Green way (Grüne Straße). There are plenty of mountains, rivers and forests here, and the route is also suitable for cyclists. Visit the vast forests of the Black Forest and the eco-focused historic city of Freiburg before crossing the bridge to France and discovering beautiful small wine towns in Alsace and eating Munsterost in Munster. This is a region with many Michelin restaurants, so plan for long lunches and dinners.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Donaueschingen
End: Contrexéville (France)
Length: 36 thousand
Official site: https://www.ferienstrassen.info/gr%C3%BCne-strasse

8. UNESCO World Heritage Route 1 among Hanseatic cities

Germany has 51 UNESCO-protected World Heritage Sites, covering everything from historic architecture to industrial landscapes. The best way to discover these treasures is to follow some of the eight The UNESCO World Heritage Routes. Route No. 1 runs in northern Germany, from the Wadden Sea in the west via Lübeck to Stralsund in the east – a distance of 48 miles.

Begin the adventure with a walk on the seabed at the unique natural area of ​​the Wadden Sea, take a walk in the historic Schnoor district of Bremen, discover the churches and medieval alleys of Lübeck before heading via the Hanseatic cities of Wismar and Rostock and finally to Stralsund. This is a route filled with beautiful Hanseatic cities and trading history. Before you leave Stralsund - don't forget to take a detour to Rügen!

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Bremerhaven
End: Stralsund
Length: 48 thousand
Official site: https://welterbedeutschland.de/vom-wattenmeer-ueber-bremen-luebeck-und-wismar-nach-stralsund-und-sassnitz/

9. Romantic Rhine Road

The Rhine Valley - and specifically the UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" - is one of Europe's most beautiful landscapes. Here goes Romantic Rhine Road (Route der Rheinromantik) past steep river slopes covered with vineyards and magnificent castles. Visit vineyards and the Lorelei Rock or marvel at the area's historic buildings and numerous monuments dating back to the days of the Roman Empire.

My favorite stop along the way is Castle Vollrads, with unbeatable Riesling wines and a nice restaurant.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Cologne
End: Wiesbaden/Mainz
Length: 36 thousand
Official site: https://www.romantischer-rhein.de/en

10. Beer and the castle road

One of the roads that is at the top of my wish list is Beer and the castle road (Bier- und Burgenstraße). The Beer and Castle Route of Thuringia and Eastern Bavaria takes you into a region of magnificent castles and a strong beer culture. The landscape shifts between rivers and valleys, nature reserves, ruins and castles. This is the region in the world with the highest density of beer breweries and the 280 breweries serve beer in all its shapes, colors and varieties.

The road runs along the border of the Czech Republic and does not pass by any major cities, but rather more small villages with charming inns, biergartens and beer breweries. A tip is to book accommodation at Brauereigasthof – inn with brewery.

You will find a map of the route here (opens in new window).

Start: Bad Frankenhausen
End: Passau
Length: 50 thousand
Official site: https://www.bierundburgenstrasse.de/Home.htm

Have you ridden any of these roads? Which one was your favorite?


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